For the Very First Time I Hate Friday

for the very first time I hate Friday!

You know what.. someone just told me this morning that he saw clouds around me.. he said that I’m gonna face some problems. I guess I know what was the point. It was maybe just my mood reflected on my face.

I always love this day named Friday, coz it’s a short day. Any ‘day’ activity ends at 11.00, the following day will be Saturday when i can be awake for as long as I want, and the next following day will be the happy Sun(ny)day, when I can fall asleep as long as I need..

This Friday is different.. tomorrow will be my last ‘work’ day to finish all of my assignments before I go to Boyolali. I’m just not ready to go to that town.. really really unprepared.. those ASS(ignments) remain unfinished, but my fingers just can’t stop writing on my brand new blog. How stupid I am 😦

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