“Rhetoric: Loud and confused and empty talk”

Yes, I talk about it loudly,

Yes, I am confused

and Yes, That was just another empty talk..

same old crap!

So you asked me when I will stop it,

till I get the right answer, I guess

then you asked what the right answer is,

the last one would be just another rhetoric, wouldn’t it?

You got your plan, mapped the life journey of yours

Ah, right.. “yours”

so I asked you where you’d put my part,

here? there? where? didn’t know yet?

again, another rhetoric!

You told me to cheer up but you let me down

You told me not to cry but you cost me tears

can we just classify them as rhetoric?

Getting bored, huh?

I only want to tell you that uhm..

It’s just.. uhm.. everything’s not always been about you

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