Clumsy Words

originally created on our anniversary (April, 17th 2011)

Clumsy Words

We had our dinner at the place that could make us do the fasting for seven following days. But it didn’t matter for our plea was “we do it once a year”. And we got no other special things to share today ‘cause we did share those things every day through the year.
We got only one reason to say goodbye, same old story that always cost me tears. Yes, it’s been only me who cried. But then we always find different ways to be together again. Though we tried to be strong, none of us are strong enough to live alone, without each other.
Selfishly I pushed myself too hard to find another man, but no one would fit me best like you.
Cruelly you tried to leave me for your dreams, but you doubted that you’d ever find another girl who gets you best like me, didn’t you? (self confidence :D)

“So we made our own computer out of macaroni pieces
And it did our thinking while we lived our lives
It counted up our feelings
And divided them up even
And it called that calculation perfect love” (Regina Spektor, The Calculation)

Happy Anniversary

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