Love Letter to My Dearest Friend

Sorry that I can’t hide my disappointment
but I am very displeased..
I know, I’m not a perfect person, not even close
but still I try to be so.

My sister, why do you take it off?
I mean, why now, when it really find its way to meet fashion,
if fashion that you chase after?

Don’t you see people like compete to tell the world that hijab‘s not an old school stuff?
they name it stylish hijab, chic hijab and so on.
Some of those styles might not in a syar’i way, neither my outfits,
that I’m not going to judge anything.

Like I’ve told u before,
to me, veil’s not even a fashion disaster,
You may now choose what hijab style that fits urs,
again, if fashion that you chase after.
Or if u wanna wear it syar’i-ly (sorry that i create my own adverb :D),
wear it loose and cover it through ur chest.
Just wear it back.

Another sorry for interfering ur life.

Dear Allah, please keep us on the right path,
The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors.
Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down,
nor of those who go astray. (Al Fatihah 6-7).

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